Are You Using The Right Air Booking Engine?

With so many online airline booking systems available in the market today, it is difficult to know which one is right for your business. Most applications are designed to automate processes and reduce the time and effort required to complete an airline booking. Many offer live access to airline content to be sure the most up to date availability and pricing is used. However, finding an airline booking solution that protects your brand identity can be a challenge.

The airline reservation system developed by Odysseus Solutions is hosted by Odysseus, with the headers, footers and style sheets customized with your specific branding to provide a seamless online experience for your customers. Complete private label versions are also supported where Odysseus can change the complete layout to meet your specific requirements.

The Odysseus Solutions’ airline booking engine provides live access to airline content to be sure the most up to date pricing and availability is used and even has the ability to simultaneously search multiple content sources for the best price. It includes revenue management tools that provide the ability to mark up or mark down a product’s selling price by airline, itinerary, class of service, travel dates and so much more. Multiple languages and multiple currencies are easily supported while optional currency exchange management tools can display a single price to customer regardless of the currency the fare is sourced in.

All booking related Email communication uses your agency’s email address and logo when communicating with customers and provides easy access to the booking so customers can add things like payment information. Reminders can even be set up to send automatic emails to Customers’ as well as Agents based on various parameters including when payment is due. The booking application even provides the flexibility to search by dates, nearby airports, etc. allowing clients to narrow their search criteria. Robust reporting tools provide you the information you need to run your business and include the ability for you to generate graphical reports showing Search and Booking Statistics such as the Top Origin/Destination cities searched and the booking ratio for each.

If you are looking to enhance or update your website so it is more compatible with customers using a Smart Phone or Tablet, Odysseus Solutions offers innovative responsive technology that automatically adjusts the booking engine’s display based on the type of device being used to access website.

Odysseus Solutions is a Miami based Travel Technology Company providing some of the most comprehensive and innovative online booking solutions available in the market today. Contact Odysseus and learn how they can help you find the right online booking engine for your business. Visit to learn more and request a product demonstration.

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