Is It Time To Retire Your Legacy Technology?

It is no secret that the travel industry has been focusing more of its resources on e-commerce solutions as more people rely on the internet for booking their flights, hotels and even cruises online. However, many travel companies have had their own, unique challenges developing online booking solutions. A lot of companies are still using travel booking solutions built on legacy technology, which does not allow them to easily add new content or make simple changes to their User Interface.

This is because the architecture used by Legacy systems is not at all like the architecture of today’s distributed and layered applications. Business policies and decisions are hardcoded using inflexible, predefined process flows in most legacy systems which makes any integration with Customer Relationship Management systems and Internet-based business applications difficult and sometimes just impossible. On top of that, it is just basically old technology that has become increasingly difficult for anyone to find developers who want to work with applications written in languages that are not widely used in today’s technology.

As a result, the Internet revolution is usually the driving force behind a company’s decision to switch away from a legacy system. E-commerce sales can save a business time and money making it the most cost effective method for many to deliver products to customers. The “state of the art” technology available today helps software solution providers design, develop and deliver flexible & fully scalable applications that easily grow with any size business. Some even provide the ability to customize the application to maintain a company’s own unique brand identity.

Experience has shown that some of the best travel agent software solutions are the result of collaboration. Software Developers, Suppliers and Travel Agents can all provide valuable input to help design and develop the ultimate travel booking engine. Each of these entities play an important role in the process and any solution should meet each of their individual needs.

To serve today’s growing number of consumers who use their mobile device to purchase travel products as well as those that switch between devices during the research and booking process, many companies are building applications that use responsive technology. Now, regardless of the type of device a customer uses to access a website, applications built using responsive technology can automatically adjust the screen layout based on the type of device being used.

For those looking to have a dedicated Mobile App, there are several companies designing and developing custom Apps. Some offer mobile applications as an optional “add-on” to an existing Booking Engine while some develop them independently. Either approach offers Consumers the ease and mobility of using a smart phone or tablet. Mobile Apps and mobile responsive technology are no longer for big brand names either. Travel software companies can now provide any size travel agency affordable applications built on the latest technology with the powerful tools to they need to compete with any size online travel business.

So whether your travel business needs an Airline Booking Engine, a Cruise Booking Engine or a Hotel Booking Engine, is sure your travel booking solution is built using the latest responsive technology.

In this article author writes about Odysseus Solutions. So whether your travel business needs an Airline Booking Engine, a Cruise Booking Engine or a Hotel Booking Engine, is sure your travel booking solution is built using the latest responsive technology.

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