There’s an App for Everything

Take a good look around and chances are you will see someone looking at their Smartphone. Today’s handheld devices have been designed to be so addictive to use and have become an integral part of today’s culture. Nearly 65% of adult Americans own a Smartphone and many younger adults and those with a lower-income, depend solely on their Smartphone for access to the internet.

There are currently mobile Apps for just about anything with new apps being developed every day! This phenomenon is driven by the fact that mobile phone use is much higher than personal computers and people tend to use Mobile Apps six times more than a website. People have become so attached to their handheld devices that many check their device an average of once every six minutes. Handheld devices have become an integral part of the way people get their news, shop for just about anything and interact with each other.

With the amount of time that people spend using their mobile devices, it’s no wonder that mobile Apps have become such a popular way for businesses to interact with their customers. Nearly 80% of the people with smart-phones use them to make purchasing decisions and over half of them use their mobile device to make a purchase within one hour, compared to one month for desktop users. It’s not just consumers benefiting however, over 70% of business owners use mobile Apps daily to run their business and interact with customers and travel booking solutions are no exception.

Booking a Flight? There are hundreds of apps for air booking engines and many of them are much easier to use than calling the airline directly. Many airlines have developed their own mobile apps for customers to book a flight, select a seat, even use as a boarding passes at airports. There are even some airlines complimenting their onboard entertainment by offering passengers the ability to stream video or music directly to their handheld device.

Renting a car? No problem, most car rental companies have launched Mobile Apps that let you reserve a Car rental, but many have developed apps that also allow you to bypass the rental counter and go right to your vehicle and be on your way.

Need a hotel? Most hotel chains have mobile apps for hotel booking engines that allow you to book a room and some even allow you to check in and use your Smartphone to unlock your hotel room door. And once you arrive at your destination, there are plenty of apps that offer maps and points of interest around town. There are even Mobile Apps for cruise booking engines or to help find the closest coffee shop, restaurant or movie theatre.

Travel Agencies were quick to join the “App Revolution” and have been launching their own mobile APPs for customers. Today’s travel agent software that include an air booking engine, cruise booking engine, hotel booking engine and more are all available via a mobile devices. There is an App for everything!

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