Introduction to Odysseus Solutions

We started Odysseus solutions back in July 2005, with this core interest of providing an out of the box solution to our clients that can be customized completely for one or more brands that they may have. Cruise is the core of how we started. That was the background that I came from. I started work at a cruise only agency and we were one of the first to launch an Online Cruise Booking Engine in those days. Over the four years that I was at, that was what I learnt, everyone was focused on how do we automate processes on air, car and hotel and not really many players were focused on cruise and that’s where I found that was an opportunity that would allow us to really excel. And its proven out to be the correct strategy. We took cruise to be the corner stone of our product and that opened doors with vendors who weren’t even actually selling cruises but then wanted to get into the cruise space. I actually went out and recruited a bunch of clients from different work fields, so let it be a travel agency, an online travel agency, a Mom and Pop shop and a host agency and I put a focus group together and that’s what helped in delivering today what we have in our Odysseus booking engine.

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