Affiliates Module

Affiliates Module was actually designed with the vision that any one of our clients could have subsites, agents, that are working from home, independent contractors, or just other referral sites that they want to provide their booking engine to. And then track sales, commissions and affiliate marketing. One of the other ways affiliate module can be used is, if clients are doing adwords on Google or Bing, they wanted to give in to metasearches, like skyscan or Kayak. They can give them unique id’s that allows them to price the product differently, it allows them to track searches, sales. They can completely customize the look and feel if they want. They can have multiple brands completely customized to their own look and feel. They can turn features on and off at an affiliate level, from something as simple as, if they want to make the email address required in the booking paths, to something more complex like, Oh I want to customize the header, the footer, the CSS. I also want different google analyst tracking or web trends tracking.

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