Let me introduce the Odysseus team, Glenn Dean, he manages our sales and marketing. He is the Vice president of Odysseus. We have Pramod Navani, that’s our CFO/COO. He is helping us manage our operations both in US and in India. Rignesh Dave, who is our director of operations, but really that role’s sort of just phasing into Pramod and he is being more of the CTO/architect. We have teams both in India and in United States. The core of our team and our development efforts come out of Vadodara, India where we have over 40 employees today. One of the other key things that make us different is our customer service. We focus and put a lot of emphasis on customer support and service. We believe every client is equal, no matter how big or small they are. We believe in the motto of ‘One size does not fit all’. No two clients of ours can ever sell the product the same way and we have learnt that from the 70 plus clients that we have acquired, that they actually don’t like to sell the product the same way. And that’s the core of how we built our product. It allows them for localization, to multiple languages, to localization to their currency. It supports their B to B model, a B to C model or perhaps their ability to distribute their product or fares through our platform in a B to B to C mode.

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