Rules Management

Let’s talk about Rules. I believe it’s one of the most innovative features we have added within our application. Rules basically allows for a client to define markups, discounts, value add offers that can be something as generic as a 200-dollar coupon booklet, or a 2-night free stay with something or something informative they want to communicate to the end person. They also have the ability to define onboard credits. An Onboard credit is something that we have designed primarily to meet market requirements. for example, when cruise lines stopped discounting, they allowed travel agencies to use a part of their commission to offer onboard credits or they themselves started offering onboard credits. Out of that came onboard credits which allows our clients over various complex rules to derive the exact amount that the customer is going to get maybe from the supplier, or from the agency or both. Or something that’s very specific to cruise, which is the cruise deposit fix. The cruise lines came up with a promotion that allows someone to pay half a deposit. But their technologies do not support providing that reduced deposit amount. We actually had to build a rule type that allows our clients to go in and show that. The deposit amount, so the customers would actually be paying less rather than the full price the cruise lines weren’t returning. Any of these rules, all share the same set of filters that they can be applied for. Our clients can choose from cruise line or airline, down to a ship, down to a particular sailing, down to a particular a flight number, on a given day. They have the ability to set these up. Their entire marketing campaign, so they automatically turn on and off without manual intervention, for activating or inactivating these rules. Some of the other complex rules we built have been built around that, would be the ability to define caps on what a customer can give away from their commission.

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