How Booking A Flight Has Changed


Gone are the days when making a flight reservation was a time consuming and complex process.

Today just about anyone can book a flight quickly and easily using an online airline reservation system. The major airlines launched the first generation of flight booking software many years ago in an effort to automate bookings as their flight networks and number of bookings grew at an amazing pace.

Flight booking software has been around for decades and initially these internal airline systems were used by airline reservation staff to confirm bookings across their flight network. It was not long before the airlines began offering Travel Agents their own version of these systems for them to use as oppose to wasting time and resources calling the airline reservation center.

Today’s online air booking engines are a result of years of technological evolution and have helped lead the online revolution in selling travel. Whether consumers use an airline website or one of the many online booking tools provided by travel agents, today’s airline passenger is just a few clicks away from having their air travel arrangements confirmed.

Today’s online booking engines can provide the tools for any size agency’s website to compete with even the major online travel players. There are a countless number of online travel solutions available in the market today and choosing the right airline reservation system for your travel business can be critical decision. You need to identify what type of travel and how your clients prefer to book and decide what content you’ll need access to.

Online booking engines for travel agents are designed to help travel agencies reduce their overall administrative costs while expanding their customer base and increasing revenues. Today’s traveler research and book flights using a variety of devices, including their mobile phone or tablet. The increasing popularity of the air mobile app has been driven by a population that is always on the move and prefers not to carry their laptop with them. All they need to do today is to download an air booking mobile app on their cell phone and log-in. The features of an air mobile app can easily enable any travel business to cater to their clientele on the move.

An easy to use online booking engine allows agents to be trained quickly and has them selling faster. Some of the travel booking software available today can provide robust revenue management and reporting tools that give an agency owner the powerful controls they need to manage their business.

The introduction of the airline reservation systems has dramatically influenced how all travel products are researched and booked today. Flexible and customizable, the today’s online travel booking engines are easily customized to support an agency’s unique brand identity and selling style.

Today’s technology options allow any size travel agency to compete with the largest OTAs while still providing the personalized service that booking with an individual professional travel agent can provide. With so much technology available, finding the right online booking engine can be a critical decision for your online business. Finding the right technology company to partner with can be even more important.

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