The Airline Reservation System Puzzle


An airline’s internal systems often come together like huge technology puzzle that tightly fits multiple pieces together to form a complete picture. The applications required to operate an airline are vast to say the least and are required to quickly perform multiple functions. Systems must be accurate and easy to use and may include important functions such as departure control and In Flight systems, passenger reservation systems the distribution of airline schedules and fares. Access to seat & meal selection, interface with frequent flyer programs to access special fares or onboard amenities are all things that need to be considered.

The airline reservation system is one of the most important pieces of an airline’s “technology puzzle” and the flexibility for it to interface with an airline’s distribution network easily has been a priority for most airlines for years. Many of the older legacy systems used by some airlines quickly became outdated forcing them to migrate to newer and more flexible platforms requiring significant time and resources.

The same is true for many traditional as well as online travel agencies. Having the right airline reservation system can be central to your business. Whether you are selling one of your clients a hotel room for a business trip, a week’s vacation at a resort or even a cruise, chances are they are going to need to book a flight to make their travel arrangements complete.

For today’s price driven customer, make sure you have access to the best value and price. Your online booking engine must be able to search the best sources for content quickly and cost effectively in order for you to offer a competitive price. You will also need the ability to easily adjust the selling price and perhaps include value add offers right in the fare availability display. Accessing low rates offered by air consolidators is one great way to ensure you are accessing the best fares for your clients. Since many air consolidators specialize in specific markets or destinations, you may look for an airline booking engine that allows you simultaneously search multiple air consolidators for the best fares.

Travel agents can be a great resource to consumers trying to make sense of all the options available and find the best deal possible, so make sure your agents have the expertise and tools to provide the topnotch service that only a professional travel agent can offer. It helps to negotiate the best deals possible with the airlines and promote any special deals or amenities that are available. Travel Agents can make sure a consumer gets the best deal and make sure your clients get the VIP treatment they are looking for. Make sure the airline reservation system your applications use allow your agents and clients to select seats, request meals and add loyalty program information to airline reservations.

Identifying the right combination of content and product features for your air booking engine can be critical for your travel business, finding the right technology partner can be just as important.

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