Is All Flight Booking Software The Same?

Flight Booking Software

While much of the flight booking software available in the market today appears the same on the surface, there can be huge differences hidden in the flexibility and tools some provide that can give you an edge over the competition. When evaluating any travel booking software, you need to consider if it provides your business the tools it needs to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Your business needs to be prepared for battle and have the right weapons and battle plan in place to win.

Your online booking engine can be your own “Trojan Horse” in this regard and help you increase your revenues, gain new customers and expand your business into new markets before your competition realizes what you’re up to. A little research will help you find an application that provides the administrative tools you need to manage your business the way you want. The flight booking software you choose should be a flexible & fully scalable application that easily grows with your business while maintaining your unique brand identity.

It’s no secret that today’s traveler shops and purchases travel using a variety of methods and tools. Some may still call or visit their travel agent while others may choose to shop online using their laptop or even their mobile device. You’ll need an application built using responsive technology that automatically adjusts the user screens to fit the type of device being used to capture today’s mobile consumer.

Your travel booking engine needs to provide both “business to business” (B2B) as well as “business to consumer” (B2C) interfaces. You may even want to consider an application that allows you to extend your reach to affiliate agency websites via a “business to business to consumer” (B2B2C) interface. Make sure the booking engine you choose provides you the ability to extend your reach the way you require.

You’ll want an application with easy to use administrative tools that allow you to quickly manage your business. For example, look for an application with an administration section that gives you the control to quickly define preset business rules to adjust a product’s selling price or include value add offers right in the availability screen. This helps ensure you always offer your customers the best value. Business rules should even provide the flexibility to have your agents, affiliated agencies and websites following a unique set of business rules that you predefine specifically for each.

If you partner with another agency or use air consolidators, you’ll want flight booking software that allows you to automatically simultaneously search multiple sources to make sure you are always offering your clients the best airfare available.

An online booking engine should result in operational efficiency and reduced costs for your business while helping you gain new customers and expand your business into new markets. The application you choose should be a flexible & fully scalable application that will help your business easily grow while protecting your own brand identity. Finding a travel booking engine with the right combination of flexibility and features can be critical to the success of any travel business. Finding the right technology partner to work with is an important first step.

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