Flight Reservation System to Compete in Travel Business

Flight Reservation System to Compete in Online Travel Business

The flight reservation system was originally developed by the airlines decades ago in an attempt to automate processes and reduce the time and effort that was required to complete a reservation for a flight. These systems evolved over the years becoming the huge Global Distribution Systems or GDSs that many of today’s online booking engines use for live connectivity to hundreds of airlines worldwide. These massive systems aggregate content and provide live connections with literally hundreds of airlines and provide access to them all through a single interface.

Many of today’s online booking engines integrate with the GDSs to access airline content using an agency’s specific ID and then customize the headers, footers and style sheets to provide a seamless online experience for users. Complete private label versions are also supported where an agency can change the complete layout to meet their specific requirements. There’s even a flight reservation system with the ability to simultaneously search multiple content sources for the best price using live access to airline content to be sure the most up to date availability and pricing is used.

These online booking engines also provide the Revenue management tools needed to manage your business, including the ability to mark up or mark down a product’s selling price by supplier, itinerary, class of service, dates and more. Whether your customers prefer to book their travel arrangements directly with a travel agent (B2B) -or- they prefer to shop and book online (B2C), an air booking engine provides the ability to service them quickly and easily. Some even support Multiple Selling Channels which can be easily managed using a single application. Ready to help any size business grow, today’s online booking engine is designed to easily set up additional users and affiliated websites and many even have an optional mobile app for the flight reservation system.

The most flexible online reservation engines utilize responsive technology to provide greater support of various mobile and tablet screen sizes so customers can easily view and navigate through the booking process regardless of what device they are using. And for those looking to control the user interface of their online booking engine, an Air XML can provide the capability for a Client to host all User interfaces on their own server while using the core booking engine for business logic and live Pricing, Availability & Booking.

The best online booking engines are is designed to meet the unique requirements of Global Marketplaces and can easily handle multiple currencies as well as multiple languages. They use “state of the art” technology” that helps them design, develop and deliver flexible & fully scalable online reservation engines that can easily grow with your business while maintaining your unique identity.

So whether your clients are looking to book an airline ticket, reserve a hotel room or even plan that perfect cruise vacation, an online booking engine can help you serve them quicker and easier. Finding the right flight reservation system for your online travel business will play an important role in determining the success of your online booking engine. Finding the right technology partner may be even more important.


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