Hotel Reservation Software Helps Complete Your Offer

Hotel Reservation Software Helps Complete Your Offer

Whether your travel agency concentrates on selling airline tickets or it focusses mainly on selling cruises and vacation packages, chances are there is an opportunity to include a hotel booking along with your customer’s travel plans. While many travel agents gave up selling hotel accommodations due to challenges they experienced tracking hotel bookings and collecting commissions, the process has improved in recent years. Adding a hotel booking to your customers travel itinerary is easy to do and gives you the opportunity to assist with more of your customers travel needs. So you will want to consider adding a hotel reservation software component to your travel booking engine.

There are several approaches your business can take to include hotel bookings as part of your overall offering. An easy to use standalone hotel booking engine can be an excellent tool for agents or consumers to research and confirm hotel reservations. A custom packaging booking engine will allow you to create your own pre-packaged offers for your customers that includes not only their Air arrangements, but their hotel accommodations, transfers and even cruise vacations as well. For those looking to create their own packages, dynamic packaging solutions allow both agents and consumers to package and price cruises, flights, hotels and other travel products in real time. How you decide to integrate hotel accommodations into your offering depends on your individual business and customer needs.

And no matter if your customers prefer to book online, by telephone or by visiting your agency in person, look for hotel reservation software that is ready to serve customers how and when they decide. Applications should be developed using mobile ready technology so that consumers can access them using the variety of different devices today’s mobile consumer uses to research and book their travel arrangements. Your online booking engine needs to access the content your clients are looking for at a competitive price, so make sure the hotel reservation software you can access the right content.

Choosing the right hotel for a particular trip can be tricky depending upon a customer’s specific needs. For those looking to stay in a particular area of a city or near a specific point of interest, hotel reservation software with geo-coding to help customers and agents quickly find the right location can prove to be a valuable and timesaving tool. Your travel booking solution should include the ability to pre-define business rules and easily adjust a product’s selling price or offer targeted promotions to your customers. Online hotel booking solutions need to include detailed product descriptions and rich content linked to media files that can assist agents as well as consumers throughout the research, shopping and booking process. And for those planning to expand into new markets, consider a solution that can handle multiple languages and currencies.

Finding a hotel booking engine with the right combination of options for your business can be a critical decision. Finding a technology partner with solutions that will help you reach your customers when, where and how they shop for travel can be just as important.


Streamline the Hotel Reservation Procedure with Hotel Booking Engine

Streamline The Hotel Reservation with Hotel Booking Engine

The internet has changed the way the travel industry conducts business and the way hotel accommodations are researched and booked today is no exception. The hotel industry was quick to embrace the online marketplace by shifting their business online. They experienced some early success, but not without some challenges along the way. At first it seemed like the only way some hotels could compete online was by price. Initially “online bookings” typically represented a discounted price as a result with some hoteliers using online retailers to dump unused inventory at significantly reduced prices. While some of this deep discounting still occurs, many have been able to reverse this trend and regain some price control with the use of a state of the art hotel booking engine.

Hotel companies have made a significant investment in providing access to media files & rich content to assist with selecting the right hotel property during the shopping process. Today’s consumer can go online and view photographs of actual hotel rooms as well as public areas and learn about things like the different amenities available.

Travel agents remain a great resource to help consumers research their options and can often find the best deal possible and ensure their client’s get treated like a VIP upon arrival. They are experts in the industry and many have negotiated special deals and amenities for their clients. Many have launched their own online booking solutions with a hotel booking engine that allows you to research and book your hotel accommodations when and where you want while still enjoying the benefits of using a travel agent.

Hotel reservation software should be easy to use and provide Users the functionality they are looking for. The ability to narrow the Search to a specific neighborhood within a city near a specific point of interest may be important for some. Easily finding the property that includes the specific amenities a client may be looking for such as free internet or perhaps concierge service may be important for others. The ability to find a hotel that has a restaurant or banquet facilities may be key for those planning an event. Hotels offer varying levels of comfort and service, so matching a client with the right hotel is also important. The ability for your hotel booking engine to sort a search for hotel rooms by a particular star rating or the average nightly rate can speed up the process dramatically.

With just a few clicks of a mouse, today’s consumer can access the information needed to research which particular hotel best meets their individual needs. They can search for a hotel room by a specific neighborhood within a larger city or by price range and even star rating. There is even a way to research whether a hotel property has free internet, a restaurant or SPA services. Some applications go as far as using innovative responsive technology that automatically adjusts the screen display layout based on the type of device being used to access the booking engine.

So not matter what size an online travel business is, finding the right hotel booking engine for your business is important. Finding the right technology partner may be even more important.

Find The Right Hotel to Fulfill Your Needs with Hotel Booking Engine

Find The Right Hotel to Fulfill Your Needs with Hotel Booking Engine

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, one of the most important aspects of your travel arrangements will be your hotel accommodations. Unless you know the exact hotel property you want to stay at, this is one part of your travel arrangements when booking with an experienced travel agent can really work in your favor. Many Travel agents know the different hotel properties within a given city and can recommend the right hotel to meet your needs. Some travel agents may have access to special offers or deals and in many cases can get you that special VIP treatment that will make your stay so much more enjoyable. Many of today’s travel agency websites include a hotel booking engine option, allowing their customers to take advantage of all the benefits that booking with a travel agent combined with the ease and accessibility of a using a fully mobile online hotel reservation system.

Savvy travelers recognize that booking with a travel agent may be the key to getting a special rate on a hotel room and possible room upgrade or that special V.I.P. treatment during their stay. The right online hotel booking engine can help your travel agency automate processes, increase revenues and reduce time and effort required for your customers to complete a hotel booking. There are several ways to access hotel content including Global Distribution Systems (aka: GDSs) as well as large hotel aggregators with hotel reservation system interfaces of their own. Finding the content source that is right for your business is an important first step.

Distinguishing your business from the other online travel websites and maintaining your individual brand identity is another consideration. Today’s online booking engines can provide a seamless online experience for customers by using your company header, footer and even colors and fonts to protect your brand identity. Complete private label versions are also supported where the layout can be changed to meet a client’s specific requirements.

Booking with a travel agent is easy when using an online hotel booking engine designed with the capability to search rates and availability at multiple properties in a given location. Detailed hotel and room pictures as well as descriptions of services and amenities are all important pieces of information to include to help decide which is the best hotel selection for a specific customer.

A flexible, online hotel reservation system can allow any size travel agent to compete with the largest online travel agencies while still providing customers the personalized service that booking with a travel agent can offer. Booking with a travel agent makes more sense than ever before and finding one that uses an online booking engine that allows customers to research and book the right hotel room quickly and securely is the key to success.

Whether your customer books directly with a travel agent -or- they prefer to shop and book online using your website, making online hotel bookings easy will allow your travel business to serve them quickly and easily. Finding the right travel technology solution for your travel business is important, finding the right technology partner can be even more important.

Online Booking Engines Need To Be Mobile Ready

Online Booking Engines Need To Be Mobile Ready

It’s no secret that today’s consumer uses their smart phone for just about everything and it’s estimated that within the next two years there will be over 8 billion handheld, mobile ready devices in use globally. The availability of mobile applications has undoubtedly helped transform the frequency and manner these devices are used. The variety of different mobile ready technology, app stores and high speed internet connections available today have only helped increase consumer use of mobile devices. Whether making their own travel arrangements or purchasing groceries, it seems like consumers can and do buy just about anything online today.

The move to mobile by consumers is forcing many companies to consider a mobile strategy for their business while maintaining their traditional brick & mortar operation and online business via their website. However, there are different ways to approach developing a mobile web presence to consider. Some choose to use responsive technology when designing their mobile booking engine, while others may decide to use a dedicated Mobile App for their business.

There are several factors to consider when evaluating whether to use mobile ready responsive technology verses a dedicated mobile App. Websites are often designed to be used on large screens that are found on laptop computers and many do not consider how the application will appear to a consumer using a mobile device. Traditional website applications can be difficult to read or navigate through and requiring a consumer to zoom in or resize their screen to use the application. One solution for companies looking for a mobile booking engine is a mobile ready website connected to an online booking engine that is built using innovative responsive technology that automatically adjusts the screen size and layout to fit the type of device being used.

Dedicated mobile Apps are also becoming more popular, allowing an application to be accessed by any device with a web browser. The benefits of a dedicated mobile App can be more than just combining the power and versatility of an online booking engine with the ease and accessibility of a handheld device.

Some of the advantages of using Responsive technology when designing your website include a single application built to run across all devices, regardless of screen size. This can reduce maintenance costs by avoiding the need to maintain several versions of an application while providing a better user experience for your customers. For instance, destination maps may be a critical tool when using a hotel booking engine to research and book a hotel room. These destination map applications are usually image heavy and may require zooming in or resizing the screen. This is another good example of why you should consider a hotel booking engine that built using innovative responsive technology.

To create the best user experience possible, you need to consider that today’s consumer may start researching their travel arrangements using a handheld device but complete their purchase online using a tablet or laptop. Differences in these two approaches provide each with inherent advantages as well as disadvantages. The key to success is finding a technology partner with the solutions that best fit your business.