Online Booking Engines Need To Be Mobile Ready

Online Booking Engines Need To Be Mobile Ready

It’s no secret that today’s consumer uses their smart phone for just about everything and it’s estimated that within the next two years there will be over 8 billion handheld, mobile ready devices in use globally. The availability of mobile applications has undoubtedly helped transform the frequency and manner these devices are used. The variety of different mobile ready technology, app stores and high speed internet connections available today have only helped increase consumer use of mobile devices. Whether making their own travel arrangements or purchasing groceries, it seems like consumers can and do buy just about anything online today.

The move to mobile by consumers is forcing many companies to consider a mobile strategy for their business while maintaining their traditional brick & mortar operation and online business via their website. However, there are different ways to approach developing a mobile web presence to consider. Some choose to use responsive technology when designing their mobile booking engine, while others may decide to use a dedicated Mobile App for their business.

There are several factors to consider when evaluating whether to use mobile ready responsive technology verses a dedicated mobile App. Websites are often designed to be used on large screens that are found on laptop computers and many do not consider how the application will appear to a consumer using a mobile device. Traditional website applications can be difficult to read or navigate through and requiring a consumer to zoom in or resize their screen to use the application. One solution for companies looking for a mobile booking engine is a mobile ready website connected to an online booking engine that is built using innovative responsive technology that automatically adjusts the screen size and layout to fit the type of device being used.

Dedicated mobile Apps are also becoming more popular, allowing an application to be accessed by any device with a web browser. The benefits of a dedicated mobile App can be more than just combining the power and versatility of an online booking engine with the ease and accessibility of a handheld device.

Some of the advantages of using Responsive technology when designing your website include a single application built to run across all devices, regardless of screen size. This can reduce maintenance costs by avoiding the need to maintain several versions of an application while providing a better user experience for your customers. For instance, destination maps may be a critical tool when using a hotel booking engine to research and book a hotel room. These destination map applications are usually image heavy and may require zooming in or resizing the screen. This is another good example of why you should consider a hotel booking engine that built using innovative responsive technology.

To create the best user experience possible, you need to consider that today’s consumer may start researching their travel arrangements using a handheld device but complete their purchase online using a tablet or laptop. Differences in these two approaches provide each with inherent advantages as well as disadvantages. The key to success is finding a technology partner with the solutions that best fit your business.


Is Your Online Travel Booking Engine Mobile?

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Smart phones are not just for phone calls. They are used for wide variety of tasks which include browsing the internet, text messaging, emails, banking, driving directions and even shopping. Travel companies were quick to recognize the potential benefits of mobile technology and have embraced it as part of their overall product distribution plan. There’s a mobile app for almost everything today and the popularity of airline mobile apps is changing the way consumers research and book flights.

Some of the travel technology solutions available today include an optional air mobile app that takes advantage of all the benefits an online travel agency air booking engine offers combined with the ease and mobility of using a smart phone to book a flight. Some offer mobile applications as an optional “add-on” to an existing airline booking engine while some develop them independently. A mobile booking engine is a great way for any travel agent to serve their existing clients “on the go” or reach a new generation of travelers who exclusively use their smart phones and tablets to research and book their travel.

To get started, you’ll want to begin with the basics like a website that is mobile ready so that customers can find your business quickly and easily online using the device they choose. Next you’ll want to add a mobile booking engine that combines integrated cutting edge technology with the convenience and benefits of an online travel agent booking engine. Many online booking engines are designed to support a client’s own unique “Look & Feel” with the headers, footers and style sheets customized to provide a seamless online experience for customers. Complete private label versions are also available where clients can design the complete layout of their online air booking engine themselves. It all just depend s upon what your requirements and budget are.

Most large online travel agents have built applications that use responsive technology to serve today’s growing number of consumers who use their mobile device to purchase travel products as well as those that switch between devices during the research and booking process. Now, regardless of the type of device a customer uses to access a website, applications built using responsive technology can automatically adjust the screen layout based on the type of device being used.

For those looking to have a dedicated Mobile App, there are several companies designing and developing custom Apps, while other companies offer mobile ready applications as an optional “add-on” to an existing air booking engine. Either approach offers Consumers the ease and mobility of using a smart phone or tablet. Mobile Apps and mobile responsive technology are no longer just available for the big brand names either. Travel software companies can now provide any size travel agency an affordable mobile booking engine built using the latest technology with the powerful tools to they need to compete with any size online travel business.

Finding an online booking solution with the right combination of features for your business can be critical and the key to the success of your online travel business. Finding a technology partner with the right solutions can be just as important.