Booking Travel Often Starts With An Airline Reservation System

Booking Travel Often Starts With An Airline Reservation System

A flight reservation system is core to any travel booking engine. A significant portion of trips booked today, whether for business, vacation or visiting friends and family, start with a reserving a flight itinerary. The airlines were early pioneers in the travel industry and the technology used to distribute their products as their networks and sales volume grew. The airline reservation system is an integral part of any air carrier’s technology infrastructure and most of the time integrated with other internal systems used to operate the airline. Everything from corporate accounting systems that track ticket sales and usage to complex ticketing and departure control systems that require the integration of important passenger information to operate smoothly. Even your checked baggage is monitored throughout your journey by tracking systems that are tied to your airline reservation.

As technology has advanced over the years, airlines have consistently adapted and enhanced their internal systems to take advantage of improved efficiencies and the associated cost savings. This has allowed them to process more passengers quicker and easier than ever before while providing improved service to their customers. The major airlines extended the “reach” of their flight reservation system initially to Travel Agents via applications which evolved into today’s Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and eventually directly with consumers via airline company websites on the internet.

These systems can also help your travel business increase sales and provide better service to your customers. An airline reservation system can provide the most up to date flight schedules, pricing and availability which is why a “live” connection with them is so important in today’s fast pace world. And with so many special deals out there, you may want your travel booking engine to simultaneously search more than one source for a specific airline itinerary to ensure you are offering your customers the best deal available.

The booking engine you use should be integrated with a flight reservation system that includes access services and amenities such as interactive seat maps for advanced seat selection as well as requesting special services or onboard meals for some passengers. It needs to be able to transmit information like customer loyalty program IDs and special service requests. The online booking engine you choose should have as many of the features and services that are offered when using an airline’s website.

Today’s online booking engine needs to provide the ability to easily adapt to constant changes in the marketplace. The ability to easily make price adjustments and include value add offers right in the availability display are critical for your business to remain competitive. Look for an application with a Business Rules feature that allows you to predefine price adjustments based on a wide range of criteria including the date the reservation is booked, the dates of travel, the airline flight number and even the type of airfare used. Lastly, you may want to consider an airline reservation system that includes reporting tools to track your business.

Finding an online booking engine with the right combination of options for your business can be a critical decision. Finding a technology partner that will help you reach today’s mobile consumer where and how they shop for travel can be just as important.


Flight Reservation System to Compete in Travel Business

Flight Reservation System to Compete in Online Travel Business

The flight reservation system was originally developed by the airlines decades ago in an attempt to automate processes and reduce the time and effort that was required to complete a reservation for a flight. These systems evolved over the years becoming the huge Global Distribution Systems or GDSs that many of today’s online booking engines use for live connectivity to hundreds of airlines worldwide. These massive systems aggregate content and provide live connections with literally hundreds of airlines and provide access to them all through a single interface.

Many of today’s online booking engines integrate with the GDSs to access airline content using an agency’s specific ID and then customize the headers, footers and style sheets to provide a seamless online experience for users. Complete private label versions are also supported where an agency can change the complete layout to meet their specific requirements. There’s even a flight reservation system with the ability to simultaneously search multiple content sources for the best price using live access to airline content to be sure the most up to date availability and pricing is used.

These online booking engines also provide the Revenue management tools needed to manage your business, including the ability to mark up or mark down a product’s selling price by supplier, itinerary, class of service, dates and more. Whether your customers prefer to book their travel arrangements directly with a travel agent (B2B) -or- they prefer to shop and book online (B2C), an air booking engine provides the ability to service them quickly and easily. Some even support Multiple Selling Channels which can be easily managed using a single application. Ready to help any size business grow, today’s online booking engine is designed to easily set up additional users and affiliated websites and many even have an optional mobile app for the flight reservation system.

The most flexible online reservation engines utilize responsive technology to provide greater support of various mobile and tablet screen sizes so customers can easily view and navigate through the booking process regardless of what device they are using. And for those looking to control the user interface of their online booking engine, an Air XML can provide the capability for a Client to host all User interfaces on their own server while using the core booking engine for business logic and live Pricing, Availability & Booking.

The best online booking engines are is designed to meet the unique requirements of Global Marketplaces and can easily handle multiple currencies as well as multiple languages. They use “state of the art” technology” that helps them design, develop and deliver flexible & fully scalable online reservation engines that can easily grow with your business while maintaining your unique identity.

So whether your clients are looking to book an airline ticket, reserve a hotel room or even plan that perfect cruise vacation, an online booking engine can help you serve them quicker and easier. Finding the right flight reservation system for your online travel business will play an important role in determining the success of your online booking engine. Finding the right technology partner may be even more important.

Choosing The Right Airline System for Your Travel Business

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Gone are the days when airline passengers needed to visit their local travel agent to make an airline reservation. The online revolution of commerce has touched just about every business and the airline industry is no exception. Today, customers can check an airline reservation system for pricing and availability from just about anywhere. Online travel booking engines have made it easier for customers to research and purchase airline tickets or reserve a hotel room. The advantages these online booking engines offer customers range from quick and easy price comparisons of several airlines to allowing travelers to select their seat or reserve a meal. Some even include the ability to simultaneously search multiple content sources for the best fare on a specific airline.

The convenience including a flight reservation system on your website allows customers to interact with your travel business any time of day, no matter whether you are busy at the moment or not. Simply put, having an online booking engine that is easy to use and readily available allows your business to be ready when your customers are. Not to mention the convenience of eliminating the need for your customers to make an extra trip to your agency location. A good online travel booking engine allows your customers to easily research and book their flight arrangements at their own pace as well as where and when they are ready.

Some air booking engines even include the ability to simultaneously search multiple content sources for the best fare. This allows them to take advantage of some potentially lower rates offered by an affiliated agency or partner by seamlessly including these lower rates in the display. Others may look for the ability to connect their flight reservation system with affiliated agents and their own individual or websites which can be another important tool to extend their reach. The more advanced air booking engines even allow for the Booking engine’s header & footer to be customized to match a specific affiliate’s unique branding.

Today’s airline reservation system needs to keep pace with the changing marketplace and include the ability easily make price adjustments and include value adds in the display. A good air booking engine will provide the ability to adjust an airfare based on the date booked, dates travelled, airline, flight number and even the type of airfare used. Value add offers such as free travel insurance or other merchandising opportunities can be included right in the availability display in some cases, alerting customers to where they will find the best value in addition to lowest price.

Lastly, you may want to consider an airline reservation system that includes robust reporting tools to help you track your business. Predefined reports that provide basic Booking Statistics including basic customer reports, booking modified status reports to track bookings with a change in status and even search statistics to identify what customers are looking for verses actually booking using the flight reservation system.

Finding a flight reservation system with the right combination of options for your business can be critical and the key to the success of your online travel business. Finding a technology partner with the right solutions to meet your needs can be just as important.

Taking Flights Online with Flight Reservation System

Taking Flights Online with Flight Reservation System

As more and more people change how and where they shop, nearly every industry has seen a surge in online sales. The airlines were early pioneers in expanding their business online and helped pave the way for the rest of the travel industry. Today you can purchase just about anything online whether it be retail merchandise or making travel arrangements.

As more travel agencies are forced to close their traditional brick and mortar locations in search of more cost effective options, there has been a surge in online travel agencies or OTAs. One of the most important tools these new businesses need to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace is a good online flight reservation system.

Whether a client is looking to buy an airline ticket for a business trip or family getaway, the right airline booking engine can help get it done quickly and easily. Today’s online booking engines are equipped with amazing functionality and features that have been specifically designed to make the booking process with airlines quick and simple. The right flight reservation system can play an important role in streamlining the entire airline reservation process as well as provide the control a travel agent needs to manage their business.

Every online travel agency has it’s own unique style and way that it prefers to conduct it’s business. A complete online booking engine often comes with several flexible features that can be easily changed and modified based on individual customer requirements. Things such as website headers, footers and style sheets can be customized to provide a seamless online experience for customers. Complete private label version are also sometimes available that allow clients to change the complete layout of their online booking engine.

Today’s travel software must be designed to provide the flexibility to serve consumers when and how they choose. Mobile ready applications that are built using innovative responsive technology can help with this since the template screens automatically change to fit the type of device the customer is using to access the booking engine. Some will even provide you with a dedicated air mobile app that takes full advantage of the powerful administrative features and functionality your flight reservation software offers combined with the flexibility and ease of use a handheld device offers.

The new breed of air booking engines can also equip travel agents with easy to use revenue management tools that allow them to quickly adjust a products selling price by website, airline, itinerary and even class of service. Many of today’s travel booking engines support multiple languages and currencies, a critical feature for those looking to expand their travel business into new markets.

An online booking engine is an important investment for anyone operating an online travel agency. Choosing the right flight reservation system will not only help your business automate the airline booking process, but it will increase your company revenues while reducing the time and effort required to complete a transaction. Finding an airline booking engine with the right combination of features can be critical to the success of any travel business. Finding the right technology partner can be even more important.

Flight Booking Software – An Effective Airline Booking Engines

One of the most important parts of your travel arrangements are your flight reservations. With so many airlines serving so many different routes it is difficult for the average consumer to know which airline to call. Sometimes it’s an airline’s particular flight schedule that determines which airline a consumer ultimately chooses. Sometimes price is the determining factor. Airline loyalty programs, airline alliance partners and geographic locations can also often play a role.

The wide variety of different airline options available combined with the various methods to research and book airlines today provide endless options for travelers. Travel Agents have always been a great resource to sort through the different options and select the right flight on the right airline to make a trip more enjoyable. Quite often, travel agents can help travelers receive V.I.P. treatment and access to special deals and services. A Travel Agent’s help and expertise can certainly make any trip more enjoyable and easier to plan.

However with the increasing popularity of the Internet and improvements in flight booking software, consumers have embraced technology and increasingly prefer to research and book their airline reservations online. This allows them to research different flight schedules and pricing options available whenever and wherever they wish. Flight reservation systems often include links to detailed flight information as well as access to airline seat maps so seat requests can be made at the time of booking. Today’s applications provide all the information a traveler needs to choose the best flight option.

However, it can sometimes be overwhelming to determine which website to use to find the best deal. Many advertise the lowest price, but the volatility of airfares often makes this a moving target. Some websites provide a “best price guarantee” and some even search multiple websites and show you the different prices for each.

There are so many websites that aggregate airline content and a variety of flight reservation systems to choose from today that many consumers are not sure where to go. While technology has made it easier for consumers to book directly with travel suppliers, too many available options cause confusion and uncertainty where to go. Many consumers are also missing out on the benefits and perks that using a travel agent can bring. Savvy travel agents recognized the value of combining their expertise with the ease of internet bookings and many jumped into the world of online booking engines years ago. Many travel agencies now have travel websites of their own which provide their customers with the ability to research and book travel online, while still receiving the benefits of using a travel agent.

The flight booking software available today makes it easy for any size agency to compete with the largest online players. Many flight reservation systems are easily customizable to match an agency’s brand identity and provide the features and tools to manage your online business. Many include robust reporting capabilities to track your business as well as tools to easily adjust a products selling price and include value add offers. So find the online booking engine that is right for your business and start taking advantage of the multiple benefits it can bring your business.

Do You Have The Right Airline Booking Engine?

The travel industry has been experiencing explosive growth in online sales over the past decade which has made choosing the right online booking engine a critical decision for any travel business. And with online airline ticketsales increasing every year, having the right airline booking engine is more important than ever. Flight booking software can serve as B2B, B2C and B2B2C applications that will automate processes, increase an agency’s revenues and reduce time and effort required to complete an airline booking. Applications should be easy to use Easy to Use for travel agents and consumers alike.

Most travel agents look for an online booking engine that allows for the headers, footers and style sheets to be customized to maintain their uniquebrand identity and provide a seamless online experience for their customers. Complete private label versions are also available for those looking to customize the complete layout of the flight reservation system to match their own specific requirements. There are even state of the art Air Mobile Apps available that allow any agency to expand the reach of their travel booking engine to hand held devices. The mostadvanced online booking applications utilize responsive technology to provide greater support of various mobile and tablet screen sizes so customers can easily view and navigate through the booking process regardless of the device they are using.

Many airline booking engines provide “live” connectivity with airlines to be sure the latest pricing and availability is used. Some airline booking softwareeven has the ability to simultaneously search multiple content sources for the best price, allowing our clients to combine their own content with content from one or more sources.

The revenue management tools that booking software includes is an important factor that can vary greatly. Most include the ability to simply adjust a products selling price, but it is the level of flexibility in setting up these business rules where systems can vary tremendously. Most have the ability to mark up or mark down a product’s selling price by airline, but some go much further to include itinerary, class of service, dates and much more.

Reporting capabilities are also an important factor to track your business and help you make adjustments along the way. Who are your top producers? What are the top origin and destination city pairs your customers are searching for? Do you have what your customers are looking for? Some applications include robust reporting capabilities that not only allow you to track your bookings, but some even include search statistics that will quickly and easily let you know what clients are searching for on your website. This can be valuable information to consider when reviewing any negotiated fare agreements with airlines.

With so many options available in the market today, it is important to choose the travel booking solution that is right for your business. So best for you to do some research and find the right airline booking engine for your business. You will be glad you did.