Hotel Bookings Can Help Increase Revenues

Hotel Bookings Can Help Increase Revenues

Are you serving all of your customer’s travel needs or leaving money on the table by not offering hotel accommodations along with an airline reservation or cruise vacation? Adding Hotel Reservation Software to your online booking engine is an excellent way to diversify your agency’s sources of revenue and capture additional commissions while taking care of more of your customers overall travel needs.

There are several things to consider when choosing the Hotel Booking Engine that is right for your business. Consider factors like who your customers are, what type of hotel accommodations are they interested in and how they prefer to research, book and purchase their travel products. A good online booking engine should include the content your customers are looking for with the ability for you to easily adjust a product’s selling price. It should be simple to use and contain links to media files & rich content to assist with selecting the right hotel property during the shopping and booking process.

You don’t need to be selling to customers located in international markets for multi-language capabilities to be important to your online business. For example, a significant portion of the population in many North American cities speak languages other than English. Studies have shown that communicating with these populations in their native language improves customer satisfaction and increases sales. You may consider adding a Spanish version of your online booking engine to attract and serve the growing Hispanic community throughout North America or French to serve the French speaking population in a city like Montreal. Multi-currency capability is something you will also look for in your online booking engine as well if you do plan to expand internationally.

Consider attracting travelers looking for last minute deals due to a sudden change in plans or those just looking for a last minute getaway with special offers. These “on the move” customers are more likely to use their mobile device to check last minute pricing and availability, especially when they are already traveling, so a mobile ready application will be key. Make sure that the Hotel Reservation Software that you choose is built using responsive technology that can automatically adjust the screen display to fit the type of device being used.

For a way to compete with some of the large Online Travel Agencies, consider a Hotel Booking Engine that includes powerful tools that allow you to pre-define business rules to create your own promotions and special deals for customers to take advantage of. You’ll want an online booking engine that allows you to easily adjust a product’s selling price or include specific value add offers based on a wide range of criteria that you define and preset. For example, consider adding VIP extras like champagne on arrival or access to other special amenities hotels reserve for their best customers.

And to maintain contact with your customers throughout the selling process and actual hotel stay, consider a Hotel Booking Engine that allows you to customize your emails to customers and communicate with them before, during and after their trip.

Finding Hotel Reservation Software with the right combination of options for your business can be critical and the key to the success of your online travel business. Finding a technology partner with the right solutions can be just as important.

Hotel Bookings Anytime, Anywhere

Hotel Bookings Anytime, Anywhere

The explosive use of mobile devices over the past decade has made mobile technology an important part of any travel business’ strategy to attract and serve customers. Have you ever turned around and went back home to get your mobile phone, even if you are going to be gone for just a few minutes? It seems like many of us have become so accustom to the convenience these devices provide, that they have become one of our most important, if not critical possessions.

Retailers recognize this opportunity and many have capitalized on the trend and can make their products and services available to their customers anytime, anywhere. Airline reservations are just a few clicks away and many applications include a hotel booking engine as well.

You’ll want to start with the basics like a mobile ready website so that customers can find your business quickly and easily online using the device of their choice. A good way to start your research may be to learn what your competitors are using for their online technology and see if something similar might work for you. Businesses of all size are realizing the potential of mobile ready technology to gain more customers and increase sales and are taking their business mobile. Today’s online consumer can shop for and purchase everything for their trip using their mobile device including airline tickets and hotel reservations and they can even purchase Travel Insurance for it all as well.

As Millennials become the largest segment of consumers, make sure your business is ready to serve this generation the way that they choose to shop. While there are no precise dates for when this contingent of the population starts or ends, typically a millennial was born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as a group. This is the generation that grew up with laptop computers, cellphones and helped fuel the explosion of the use of smart phones globally. They are quick to embrace new technology and make a majority of their purchases online. They also travel more than generations before them and often start their research for their travel accommodations using a hotel booking engine that is mobile ready.

When it comes to online technology, you need to be open to learning something new every single day, or you will quickly find your online technology outdated and unable to keep up with today’s mobile economy. To prevent this, one topic that should stay on your radar is mobile ready hotel booking engine. As you research the online booking engine options available, you should consider that more businesses will be offering their services online than ever before, ensuring that mobile ready travel technology is here to stay. The benefits of flexibility and ease of use improves the customer engagement in a way that millennial customers demand. A strong mobile strategy can increase sales while improving customer engagement and loyalty, a combination of factors for growth that your business is sure to benefit from.

Finding a hotel booking engine with the right combination of options for your business can be critical to the success of your travel business. Finding a partner with travel technology solutions to help you reach today’s mobile consumer anytime, anywhere they shop for travel can be just as important.

Capture More Travel Dollars Booking Hotels

Capture More Travel Dollars Booking Hotels

Booking your client’s hotel reservation along with their airline ticket will help diversify the type of products you offer and capture more of the travel dollars spent by your customers. But the number of applications and methods to book a hotel room can be so overwhelming that some travel agents shy away from offering this potentially lucrative travel component.

While many of the hotel booking engines in the market today appear to be the same, there can be vast differences in everything from price to the accuracy of the information provided. Just like one business may be different from another, the same can be said for a hotel booking engine. When evaluating any travel booking software, you need to consider whether it provides the flexibility and tools your business needs to succeed in today’s competitive travel marketplace. Any travel business needs to right tools and strategy to beat the competition and including hotels in your product portfolio should be part of your overall strategy.

Some initial research should help you identify a flexible & fully scalable application that can easily grow with your business while maintaining your unique brand identity. And don’t forget about today’s mobile consumer who shop and purchase just about anything using their handheld device. Be sure to look for an application that uses responsive technology so the user screens will automatically adjust to fit the type of device your customers prefer to use.

Your hotel booking engine needs to provide both “business to business” (B2B) as well as “business to consumer” (B2C) interfaces. You may even want to consider an application that allows you to extend your reach to affiliate agency websites via a “business to business to consumer” (B2B2C) interface. Make sure the booking engine can extend the reach of your business the way you require.

Your online booking engine should help you increase your revenues, gain new customers and expand your business into new markets. It should include links to media files & rich content to assist both agents and consumers with selecting the right hotel property during the shopping process. Pictures of the hotel public areas and sample guest rooms along with detailed descriptions of Hotel amenities can really help locate the right hotel.

The application you choose should be a flexible & fully scalable application that easily grows with your business while maintaining your unique brand identity. You’ll want an application with easy to use administrative tools that allow you to quickly define business rules to adjust a product’s selling price or include value add offers.

Adding hotels to your online booking engine can result in operational efficiency and increased revenues for your business while helping you gain new customers and expand your business into new markets. Your online booking solution needs to be a flexible & fully scalable application that allows your business to easily grow while protecting your own brand identity.

Finding an online travel booking engine with the right combination of features and flexibility can be critical to the success of any travel business. Finding the right technology partner to work with is an important first step.

Why it’s Important to Drive More Hotel Bookings


There are several great reasons to include hotel reservation system as part of your travel agency’s overall selling platform. While some of the more obvious reasons such as the positive impact ancillary commissions for hotel bookings can have to your bottom line can be quite compelling by itself, there are several benefits to incorporating a hotel booking engine into your sales process that you may have never thought about.

Think for a minute how much competition there is out there ready to serve your Clients and take their travel dollars. There are countless airline websites, hotel websites and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) dominating the market to name just a few. All these different players compete for your clients’ travel dollars using various channels and special offers with many providing “one stop shopping” to serve a customer’s complete travel needs. The service and convenience that using a single source for all travel has become so widespread and popular that many customers now anticipate this “total service” from their travel agent. If your travel agent software falls short and does not include access to a hotel reservation system to help you provide your clients with everything they’ll need on their trip, you may risk loosing their business altogether to a competing travel agent or online travel agency that does.

Maintaining the loyalty of your customers will also have a significant positive impact on the success of your business. With so many players competing for travel dollars, strengthening your relationship with customers and creating strong customer loyalty is more important to your business than ever. General wisdom tells us that it will cost you a lot more to acquire a new customer than to maintain a current customer. Keeping your customers happy and serving all their travel needs such as providing them with access to an online hotel booking engine could be key to your success in maintaining their loyalty.

The risk of loosing a customer to a large online channel can also be countered by the unique service and expertise that only working with an experienced travel agent can bring. Maintaining a close relationship with your Client’s and offering the “special personal touch” that only a trusted, “live” travel agent can provide is an excellent way to compete with the giant Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and reduce your risk of loosing customers to them.

A professional travel agent often knows how to ensure their clients get special VIP treatment upon arrival and can be a valuable resource when finding the right accommodations at the right price. They often have special reduced pricing with specific hotel properties and/or access to unique amenities upon your client’s arrival which are not offered or available to the “average” guest. Working this type of VIP service angle can often help you provide that personal touch and improve your clients’ overall travel experience. A hotel booking engine that allows you to easily highlight or promote when or where special offers are available can be critical to offering special deals to your clients as well.

Finding the right hotel reservation system can be an important decision for your business, finding the right technology partner to work with can be even more important.

Consider A New Hotel Booking Engine for The New Year


The Holiday season is the time of year when we look back at all that has happened during the past year. We consider the high points along with the low points as we reminisce about our success and perhaps moan about where we might have fallen short or experienced failure. It is also the time of the year when we make those new year resolutions to improve ourselves and our personal lives. We sign up for Gym memberships to get ourselves in better physical shape, enroll in educational courses to learn a new language or how to cook that perfect meal. Some even take the opportunity to reorganize or redecorate their surroundings while taking down the holiday decorations. The new year provides a sense of a fresh start and is a great time to get things in order and make those some changes to improve our personal lives.

It is also a perfect time to evaluate the way you conduct business and see what improvements can be made there. Is your business operating as efficiently as it could? Are you offering the products and services that your clients are looking for? Has your technology kept pace with your competitors?

First consider whether you are offering to help your clients make all their travel arrangements. If you are selling your client an airline ticket for a quick business trip or a week’s long vacation, chances are they are going to need to book a hotel as well. So, access to a hotel reservation system is something you may want to be sure to consider. Check if it includes access to links to media files & rich content to assist with selecting the right hotel property during the shopping process. Make sure the can the application be customized to match the “look and feel” of your company’s branding.

Then check to see if you are serving your customers via the channels they prefer. For today’s customer on the go, a mobile ready hotel booking engine is an option you may want to include. Many consumers use different devices as they research and eventually purchase products online. For instance, many start their initial research using their smartphone, but switch to a Laptop to complete the purchase. Others will choose to use their handheld device exclusively. Either way, the hotel reservation system you use needs to be ready to serve these customers on the device they choose.

And lastly, you will not want to overlook how the hotel booking engine you are using has kept pace with the latest developments in technology and allows you to easily expand your business.

If you plan to participate in the Global Marketplace, you’ll need a hotel booking engine that can easily handle multiple currencies as well as multiple languages. Look for “state of the art” applications that are flexible & fully scalable and will easily grow with your business.

Identifying a hotel reservation system with right combination of content and product features for your hotel booking engine can be a critical decision for your travel business, finding the right technology partner can be just as important.

Booking A Hotel Online Should Be Easy


A hotel booking engine should reduce the time and effort required to complete a hotel reservation by automating the shopping and booking process for your customers while it increases your overall sales revenue. There are countless online booking engines in the market today accessing different content sources with varying degrees of features and functionality.

To take advantage of all the different distribution channels efficiently, hotel booking software needs to have Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) capabilities. Applications should use responsive technology that automatically adjusts the screen display to fit the type of device being used in today’s mobile world. For those looking to expand their reach through an affiliate & distribution network, there are online booking engines available that allow you to quickly add affiliate Users and websites with the ability to easily customize the look and feel of the booking engine for each. Basic functionality should include the ability to shop, book and manage hotel reservations online with full payment capability and support of cancellation policies.

To protect your brand identity, your online hotel booking engine should provide you the ability to customize the headers, footers and style sheets to provide a seamless online experience for your customers. Some solutions may even offer complete private label versions where business owners can control the complete layout to meet the specific requirements of their business.

There are hotels everywhere and with so many different options to choose from in any location, searching for the right hotel to match a client’s specific needs can be overwhelming at times. Hotel images and detailed descriptions integrated right within the pricing and availability display can help provide the information needed to make the best selection much quicker. Good hotel booking software will include links to media files & rich content to assist both agents and customers with selecting the right hotel property and room type during the research, shopping and booking process.

Multiple language and multiple currency capability are two obvious features required of a hotel booking engine when expanding into new markets. Many international markets can also bring unique requirements and local supplier constraints, so it is important to work with an experienced technology partner ready to address these challenges. In some markets, you’ll need a product that has been “localized” to meet that specific market’s unique requirements as well as integration with local content sources.

The technology you use should be “state of the art” and deliver flexible & fully scalable applications that will allow your business to easily grow and expand into new markets while maintaining your own unique brand identity. Whether you need a simple “out of the box” online hotel booking solution or fully customized hotel booking software, a little research upfront will save you a lot of time and expense in the long term. Finding the right online booking solution can be an important decision for your travel business and finding the right technology partner can be a critical the first step to ensure success.

Today’s Booking Engine needs to do More Than Just Sell Airline Tickets


The online air booking engine was originally designed to automate processes, increase revenues and reduce time and effort required to research and book an airline reservation. These applications have evolved significantly over the years and whether your clients are looking to book an airline ticket, a hotel room or even that perfect cruise vacation, today’s online reservation engine can help serve all of their travel needs.

Many online reservation engines have kept pace with the multiple ways that consumers research and book travel today. Some hosted applications utilize responsive technology to provide greater support of various mobile and tablet screen sizes so customers can easily view and navigate through the booking process regardless of what device they are using. While others provide the capability for a client’s to host all User interfaces on their own server while using the booking engine for business logic and live pricing, availability & booking.

Whether your customers prefer to book their air arrangements directly with a travel agent (B2B) -or- they prefer to shop and book online (B2C), you’ll want an online booking engine that provides the ability to service them easily via multiple selling channels using a single application.

The right air booking engine can provide the revenue management tools you’ll need to manage your business, including the ability to mark up or mark down a product’s selling price by airline, itinerary, class of service, dates and more. Some air booking engines even have the ability to simultaneously search multiple content sources for the best price and provide live access to airline content to be sure the most up to date availability and pricing is used.

Whether your customer is travelling for business or pleasure, one of the most important parts of their travel arrangements can be hotel accommodations. This is an area that working with a travel agent can really pay off since many agents know the different hotel properties, have access to special deals and in many cases can get you that VIP treatment that will make your stay more enjoyable. Many of today’s travel agency websites include a hotel booking engine option. This allows customers to take advantage of all the benefits that booking with a travel agent combined with the ease and accessibility of a using an online booking engine.

Booking with a travel agent may be the key to getting a special rate on a hotel room, a possible room upgrade or that special V.I.P. treatment during your stay. The right hotel booking engine can help your travel agency automate processes and reduce time or effort required to complete a hotel booking. Many are designed with the capability to search rates and availability at multiple properties in a given location and even include hotel images and descriptions to help decide which best hotel for a specific traveller.

Today’s online travel booking engines allow any size travel agent to compete with the largest online travel agency while providing the personalized service that booking with an individual travel agent can provide. With so many options finding the right online booking engine can be a critical decision that determines the success of your online business. Finding the right technology company to partner with can be even more important.