The Right Travel Software Can Revolutionize The Agent Selling Process

Travel Software Can Revolutionize Agent Selling Process

Online travel booking solutions are one of the biggest benefits that the internet has provided the travel industry. These online solutions have revolutionized the way the entire travel industry interacts and conducts business with customers. Today, anyone with access to the internet is just a few clicks away from the ability to research and confirm their travel arrangements. The travel agent software available today has automated and customized the entire booking process while providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for travel agents to better serve their customers. There are solutions available today for travel agents that will make the shopping and booking process quicker and easier for any travel component including Airlines, Hotels and even Cruise Lines.

The airlines started the trend years ago by automating the process for travel agents to sell flights by launching their own booking engines for travel agents to use. By using these early airline booking engines, travel agents were able to greatly improve their productivity selling airline tickets and provide better service to their customers. Travel agent software has been evolving ever since, constantly adding new features & functionality as well as new product lines such as hotels, car rentals, cruise vacations and even travel insurance.

Applications that are easy to use and contain the information a travel agent needs to research the options available are critical to success. For example, finding the right hotel based on an individual’s specific needs is an important part of planning any trip, but can be overwhelming with so many options available. To help simplify the process and select the right hotel for a client, many hotel booking engines integrate links to media files & rich content to assist during the shopping process. Many online cruise booking engines can even allow anyone to quickly research and book a cruise with many containing detailed ship and cabin descriptions as well as photos to help identify the best options available during the shopping process.

Easy to use travel agent software is built to automate processes and reduce the amount of time it takes to make a booking. Many are so easy to use that they can have agents selling quickly with a minimal amount of training. Some travel technology solutions can also extend booking capability to an agency’s website. This allows customers to research and book travel anytime, anywhere they choose, while still receiving the benefits of using a professional travel agent.

Some things to consider include the type of products you plan to sell, the sources you plan to secure your content from and the ability to protect your brand identity. So update the online travel solution your agents are using and revolutionize your travel business. Both you and your customers will be glad you did. Finding travel agent software with the right combination of options for your business can be critical to the success of your travel business. Finding a technology partner with solutions to help you serve today’s mobile consumer when and where they shop for travel can be just as important.

Improving Your Clients Travel Experience


Many travelers seem more interested in the opportunity to take “selfies” than seeing the actual sights they visit. A simple “drive-by” of a local tourist attraction or the next shopping opportunity is what many of today’s travelers end up doing when they visit a new destination. A good Travel Agent can transform a simple trip into an experience that dreams are made of and help create the experience of a lifetime.

The first step in improving your clients travel experience may start with upgrading your travel agent software. To start, you will need an application that allows your business to serve customers the way they choose. You will need access to multiple channels including Business to Business (B2B) for those consumers that still like to speak with a travel agent call center to discuss and book their travel arrangements. For consumers shopping online, you’ll need an easy to use Business to Consumer (B2C) online booking engine, but make sure it is a mobile ready so you can easily serve today’s online consumer via the device they choose, including their smartphone.

Next, make sure you are offering your clients complete service. If your agency falls short in serving all your customer’s needs, you risk them going to a competing travel agent or online travel agency that does. Your travel agent software should include the ability to not only book a client’s airline reservation, but select a seat for themselves or request a special meal. Be sure to include the ability for clients to research and book accommodations such as a hotel room as well as purchase ancillary products like travel insurance.

You’ll want applications that allow you to easily define business rules and create promotional offers and specific deals for your clients. Choosing an online booking solution that has the flexibility to quickly define business rules using a wide variety of criteria can help you customize special offers quickly and easily.

Your online booking engine should have detailed descriptions and links to media files to assist both your agents and online consumers during the research and shopping process. Pictures depicting room accommodations, hotel public areas, restaurants, etc. should all be integrated into the booking engine. Descriptions of hotel amenities available and local activities and attractions can also be quite beneficial and improve the overall shopping experience.

A mobile booking engine can help improve the experience by taking full advantage of access, content and powerful features that an online booking engine offers and combines this with the ease and mobility that using a handheld device provides. It can clearly make the difference when it comes to serving the increasing population “addicted” to their handheld devices which they use for just about everything.

You will also want to build and maintain your own brand identity with an online booking engine that provides you the ability to quickly and easily customize the “Look & Feel” to match your own branding, including unique headers, footers & CSS.

Whether you are looking to improve the overall travel experience for your existing customers or looking to attract new customers, flexibility can be key, Flexible & fully scalable travel agent software that can help you expand and grow your business can be important to your success, but finding the right technology partner to work with can be even more important.