Hotel Reservation Software Helps Complete Your Offer

Hotel Reservation Software Helps Complete Your Offer

Whether your travel agency concentrates on selling airline tickets or it focusses mainly on selling cruises and vacation packages, chances are there is an opportunity to include a hotel booking along with your customer’s travel plans. While many travel agents gave up selling hotel accommodations due to challenges they experienced tracking hotel bookings and collecting commissions, the process has improved in recent years. Adding a hotel booking to your customers travel itinerary is easy to do and gives you the opportunity to assist with more of your customers travel needs. So you will want to consider adding a hotel reservation software component to your travel booking engine.

There are several approaches your business can take to include hotel bookings as part of your overall offering. An easy to use standalone hotel booking engine can be an excellent tool for agents or consumers to research and confirm hotel reservations. A custom packaging booking engine will allow you to create your own pre-packaged offers for your customers that includes not only their Air arrangements, but their hotel accommodations, transfers and even cruise vacations as well. For those looking to create their own packages, dynamic packaging solutions allow both agents and consumers to package and price cruises, flights, hotels and other travel products in real time. How you decide to integrate hotel accommodations into your offering depends on your individual business and customer needs.

And no matter if your customers prefer to book online, by telephone or by visiting your agency in person, look for hotel reservation software that is ready to serve customers how and when they decide. Applications should be developed using mobile ready technology so that consumers can access them using the variety of different devices today’s mobile consumer uses to research and book their travel arrangements. Your online booking engine needs to access the content your clients are looking for at a competitive price, so make sure the hotel reservation software you can access the right content.

Choosing the right hotel for a particular trip can be tricky depending upon a customer’s specific needs. For those looking to stay in a particular area of a city or near a specific point of interest, hotel reservation software with geo-coding to help customers and agents quickly find the right location can prove to be a valuable and timesaving tool. Your travel booking solution should include the ability to pre-define business rules and easily adjust a product’s selling price or offer targeted promotions to your customers. Online hotel booking solutions need to include detailed product descriptions and rich content linked to media files that can assist agents as well as consumers throughout the research, shopping and booking process. And for those planning to expand into new markets, consider a solution that can handle multiple languages and currencies.

Finding a hotel booking engine with the right combination of options for your business can be a critical decision. Finding a technology partner with solutions that will help you reach your customers when, where and how they shop for travel can be just as important.


Mobile Booking Engine – Seamless Approach to Serve The Clients

Mobile Booking Engine - Seamless Approach to Serve The Clients

Today’s mobile phones are not just used for phone calls, they are used to perform a wide variety of everyday tasks. Smart phones are packed with features that include more than the ability to listen to music or take a picture using the built-in camera. Today’s mobile devices can check email, access social media, perform online banking transactions and even get driving directions. The old flip phone from 20 years ago has been replaced with a powerful handheld computer that can do almost anything. And the online revolution over the past decade has helped pave the way for retailers to quickly expand their online retail presence to include these sophisticated handheld mobile devices.

As the processing capabilities of handheld devices improved, we began to see what some refer to as the App explosion. The term “app” was derived by shortening of the term “software application” when designed to specifically run on mobile devices like a smart phone or tablet. Most devices sold today come with pre-installed software such as web browsers for internet access including calendars and email as well as map programs for directions and even apps to purchase music or videos. Travel companies were quick to recognize the potential benefits of mobile technology and have embraced it as part of their product distribution plan. There’s a mobile app for almost everything today and the popularity of the mobile booking engine is changing the way consumers research and book flights.

As a result, online travel agencies began to quickly develop air mobile apps that take advantage of all the benefits an online booking engine offers combined with the ease and mobility of using a smart phone to book a flight. A mobile booking engine is a great way for any travel agent to serve their clients “on the go” or reach a new generation of travelers who exclusively use their smart phones and tablets to research and book their travel.

Travel agency online booking engines with optional air booking mobile apps use cutting edge mobile technology integrated with the most innovative online booking engines available in the market today. Many are designed to support a client’s own unique “Look & Feel” with the headers, footers and style sheets customized for each client to provide a seamless online experience for their customers. Complete private label versions are also available where clients can change the complete layout of their online booking solution.

A mobile booking engine should be designed to automate processes, increase revenues and reduce the time and effort required to complete an online transaction. It can quickly extend the reach of any online travel agency and Live access to airline content is provided to be sure the most up to date availability and pricing is used. A travel agency’s online booking engine should be flexible as well as scalable and so should their technology partner. Finding the right mobile booking engine for your online travel business will play an important role in determining your online success. Finding the right technology partner may be even more important.